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Body hair is a very natural part of life, but it can grow to the point of compromising a desired image or being unsightly for some. It doesn’t matter if you are a male or a female, both sexes go to great lengths to manage their body hair in order to achieve a certain look, feel sexy or desirable, or even feel cleaner. Bottom line is body hair is a very sensitive subject for many people, both men and women.

Laser hair removal can add both aesthetic appeal to your appearance as well as adding convenience by releasing you from the routine of shaving day in and day out. With laser hair removal, you will always have the smooth skin you aim to achieve every time you shave, but the effects will last exponentially longer. Saving time and the pain (cuts!) that come with shaving constantly will leave you feeling beautiful with the luxury of extra time at your finger tips.  Cuts, nicks, razor bumps and stubble will be a thing of the past thanks to the advent of laser hair removal.

Pearl Med Spa offers premier laser hair removal treatments  using the Cynosure Elite Laser System, which represents the latest technological advances in laser technology. The Cynosure Elite Laser System offers two wavelengths which allows for a greater degree of customization for the treatment of each client. This flexibility leads to great results for a broader range of skin tones as lighter and darker tones require different lasers to achieve optimal results.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal From Pearl Med Spa:

  • Precision: Hand held lasers are used to achieve accurate and precise removal of targeted areas, leaving skin in surrounding areas unharmed and unaffected.
  • Speed: the quick removal action of the laser as well as its ability to treat multiple hair follicles at the same time.
  • Reliable: Research and repetition have proven the procedure to be highly predictable as well as reliable.


How Laser Hair Removal Works

What should happen prior to the procedure:

  • Research laser hair removal to the point that you are absolutely sure that it either is or is not for you.
  • Find a reputable Laser Hair Removal Clinic (Preferably Pearl Med Spa J)
  • Schedule a consultation with the spa of your choice


Once you have done your research and decided that laser hair removal is 100% for you, going through a scheduled consultation will be your first course of action. Come to your consultation prepared with any questions you may have about the procedure and make sure you leave your consultation satisfied with the clarity you have on the situation. The technician you consult with will review your medical history and cover any concerns they may have with you while also outlining the procedure and prepping you with what to expect. The length of the treatments as well as the total number of overall treatments will be decided up and mapped out during your consultation after the technicians has concluded his review and come up with a recommendation. Once you and your  technician are satisfied with a common plan to reach your goal, the next step is to show up for your first treatment!

What to Expect During the Procedure

  • The target areas will be trimmed down
  • The laser system will be calibrated to settings that fit your hair removal program
  • The laser hair treatment
  • Cooling gel will applied after the treatment


It’s very natural to be nervous going into your initial laser hair removal treatment. Pearl Med Spa is well aware that most people are at the mercy of their nerves during their first treatment which is why we strive to keep you comfortable with upscale amenities and a friendly staff who makes it their goal to make you as comfortable as possible during your visit. Prior to the laser hair removal the targeted area(s) will be trimmed and treated with cooling gel in preparation your skin coming into contact with the laser.

After the preparations are complete, the technician will calibrate the laser system to a proper setting that fits the program you both came up with and agreed upon during your consultation. These intensity settings will be based on your skin tone, hair color, thickness of the hair, as well as the location of the targeted area. Once calibrated the laser system is ready to be used to successfully remove the hair from the targeted areas permanently!

During the process the laser will pulse with highly concentrated beams of light through to the roots of each hair follicle in order to remove the hair from its place of origin. The light emitted by the laser will be absorbed by the hair’s pigmentation which transfers the energy down to the follicle in order to stop its ability to reproduce hair. After the treatment has concluded, another application of the same cooling gel used after the initial trimming will be applied the target areas to reduce any discomfort you may feel after the procedure is done.

Post Procedure

What to expect after your procedure:

  • Minor swelling and redness
  • Minor hair shedding
  • Recommended to avoid exposure to sunlight


It is normal to have some skin irritation after a laser hair removal treatment and it usually comes in the form of swelling, redness and minor hair shedding. Because your skin will be slightly irritated and in need of healing, it is highly recommended to avoid sun exposure on the target area.

You can help alleviate any discomfort that results from skin irritation by applying aloe gel, ice, or even take some over the counter anti-inflammatory meds like ibuprofen. Avoiding the sun being exposed to the target area is very important. The rays from the sun can be extremely damaging to perfectly healthy skin which means it can wreak absolute havoc on damaged and irritated skin. It is highly recommended to avoid sunlight hitting the targeted areas until the skin is fully healed, which could take up to six weeks.  Don’t mistake the shedding of hair for new growth as many see this after a treatment and believe the treatment didn’t work. This is supposed to happen, don’t be alarmed.

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