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If you live in Arizona avoiding the sun is nearly impossible. Being exposed to so much sun, especially during the hotter months of the year can lead to the development of sunspots. In order to effectively treat sun spots you have to be able to avoid the sun for an extended period of time. That can be much easier said than done in uber sunny Arizona, which is why the Winter is the best time to treat your sun spots. Realistically, you need a couple of sun free months to really eradicate the sun spots, which is appropriate because it took months of intense sun exposure for them to develop (most likely).

Once you have hit your window where you are going to avoid the sun you will want to acquire a topical skin lightener. This cream will be applied to your skin in a direct fashion with the goal of reducing the hyper pigmentation, which is the scientific name for the darkening of skin that occurs with sun spots. You will want to shop around for a cream that is appropriate to the severity of the damage done to your skin by sun exposure. Not only will your topical skin lightener heal the years of sun damage that you have incurred, it will protect you against future sun damage to a certain degree.

One tip for effective treatment is waiting for your summer tan to fade before you begin applying your topical skin lightening cream.  The reasoning for this is that the skin lightener will be more effective on skin that is lighter in tone. You can combine your topical treatment with laser treatments to accelerate your skins healing process.

There you have it! If you are having trouble with sun spots on your skin, try these steps during these winter months and have your skin ready for the world when it’s time to go back outside!

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