ABOUT Ultherapy

What exactly is Ultherapy? Ultherapy technology is a non-invasive, safe ultrasound treatment that counteracts the effect of gravity and time on the skin. It uses your own regenerative response within your body to gradually and gently lift the skin on the neck, under the chin, on the eyebrow and smooth wrinkles and fine lines on the décolletage. The Ultherapy treatment is performed in one day and has no down time.


The power of Ultherapy

Ultherapy treats the deep foundational layer that is addressed in most cosmetic surgeries, but be mindful this will not be able to duplicate the results of a face lift. It is a good alternative, especially for those who are looking to extend the effects of cosmetic surgery or those who are not ready for surgery. Ultherapy ultrasounds stimulate the production of collagen in the foundation of the skin, which results in a lift of tissue within 2 to 3 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once the ultrasound energy is delivered, you will begin to feel small amounts of energy being placed to a precise depths of your skin, which indicated that the collagen building process has begun. The comfort levels may vary, depending on the patient but the sensation will only last while the ultrasound energy is being delivered

A good candidate has moderate to mild skin laxity where the skin begins to feel and look less firm. Examples of this are loose skin on the neck, lines or wrinkles on the chest, lowered eyebrow line, and sagging under the chin. But, the best way to find out if you would be a great candidate for Ultherapy is to book a consult at Pearl MedSpa.

When it comes to Ultherapy, there isn’t any type of downtime. After your treatment you are able to go back to your daily life immediately, without there being any type of special post-treatment things to do.



Thanks to new technologies, it is now possible to reduce stubborn fat pockets and improve body contours without surgery, scars or downtime.


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