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Today’s woman is bombarded by heavy handed marketing campaigns and popular media with messages about the horrid truth of aging. Just about every channel, magazine, and ad is offering a new activity, food, or product that will turn the clock back and promotes a more youthful appearance.

Most of us want to keep our youthful appearance even without these constant reminders of aging. Looking young looks healthier and feels better and we have countless examples of celebrities who have used treatments to maintain their youthful appearance. With advancements in medical technology and the understanding of the body it seems like 50 really might be the new 30. This means people want to stay looking more like 30 longer and longer.

There is a long list of treatments out there to smooth the skin, tighten it, and lift it back up. While some can stay off the look of age with a tedious skin care regimen and a strict diet, there are plenty of people who either don’t have the time or the will to adhere to such a life style.

We’ve listed 4 of the most popular and effective non surgical facelift treatments available. This means you can get the toned, tightened, and lifted youthful look without facing the knife.

Ultherapy Facelifting

Using ultrasound to heat targeted tissues under the skin this non surgical facelift treatment triggers natural production of collagen. This counter acts the effects of time and helps lift the skin back up. Ultherapy treatments can be repeated every six months to a year, depending on how much each individual needs. It takes about that long for collagen to develop.

Botox Facelifting

Botox has achieved unmitigated fame. It has become the household word for anyone who’s dropped some wrinkles and has reclaimed some of their youthful look. It is as common in the celebrity world as the paparazzi, and for good reason. This is because of how effective it is, paired with being a non surgical facelift treatment.

IPL Limelight Facelifting

This treatment is very common for the treatment for the effects of sun damage, brown pigmentation, red vessels and other signs of aging. IPL stand for Intense Pulsed Light, and the treatments are more effective and take less treatments that other light therapies, like LED. It also takes less sessions for IPL to have the desired effects.

Dermal Filler Facelifting

While sharing a delivery method with Botox, dermal fillers do not use the same chemical compounds. Dermal fillers do not relax the muscles under the skin they simply fills the creases, lines, or the general area with a variety of substances. Filling in these areas erases the wrinkles and lines that are the hallmarks of aging. Fillers are also used to plump up the jaw line, temple, and cheeks. The three most effective fillers are Juvederm, Radiesse, and Restylane. Treatments take less than 30 minutes and recovery is usually very little to none.

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