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A new study reveals that your facial features are more important to make a good impression than choosing the right outfit.

Researcher in England analyzed over 1,000 facial images and categorized them into 3 categories: Youthfulness/attractiveness, dominance and approachability.

First impressions can happen in as little as a thousand milliseconds the study reported. The measurable characteristics that were used to form the impression were: the shape of your eyes, the spacing around your eyes, mouth and nose.

Approachability Characteristics

The facial features that had to do with approachability were mostly related to the shape of your mouth. People who smile more seemed more approachable and people who were frowning or had frown lines were not as approachable.

Attractiveness Characteristics

The facial features that were linked with attractiveness mostly had to do with the eyes. Larger eyes appeared more youthful.

Dominance Characteristics

High Eyebrow height, strong cheekbone structure and masculine features appeared more dominant.

Although, the same researchers also found that people made multiple judgments using the same cues and that no specific area of the face was essential to making these quick judgments.

It is no secret that people are influenced by the appearance that they see in a photograph. It’s a known fact that people give off different impressions based on their pose or expression in their photographs. Camera position and lighting also make a difference but it is important to know that the photograph you choose for your online profiles will be other people’s main source of a first impression of you.

First impressions can be wrong!

Be wary of the type of picture you choose to use on your online dating profiles, Facebook, resume or CV as it can give off an unwanted first impression of yourself.

How To Make A Better First Impression Using Your Face?

Answer: If you want to make a youthful or approachable impression on people you meet or that see your profile, use pictures with a front facing view instead of a view from the side and open up your eyes wide and smile.

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