Laser Hair Removal

ABOUT Laser Hair Removal

Not only does Pearl MedSpa offer hair removal, we also use the most advanced laser systems. Unlike other hair removal lasers, these systems will let us select two different wave lengths and a customized treatment for each patient. Because of this Pearl MedSpa is able to treat almost any skin type giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal.


Ready to start Laser Hair Removal?

Feel confident that laser hair removal is for you?
If you make the choice to have this treatment be your solution for unwanted hair, the first step is to book your consultation. Talk with one of our talented team of professionals who will answer any questions that you have about the procedure. Pearl MedSpa’s staff will also view your medical history, explain the treatment, and talk about what is expected during and after the treatment. You will also be able to talk about the time it takes to do the procedure and the number of treatments needed to reach your goal.
Once you have that understanding of the laser hair removal service, the next step is to come in for your first treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please come with the treatments areas shaven.
  • Customized laser settings for you
  • Treatment using advanced technology
  • Application of a cool gel
  • Small amount of hair shedding
  • Avoiding the exposure to the sun for 24 hours
  • Minor swelling or redness, the temporary swelling and redness is normally gone within a few hours.



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