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We are all battling time when it comes to the appearance of our skin. As we age, we show the wear and tear of our years in the lines on our faces that seemingly outline our life experiences. While there are many pluses that come along with those years and they probably tell a great story, many of us would like to minimize their appearance and appear more youthful in our everyday lives. Aside from the passage of time, what is it that makes our skin age? There are many factors that go into this equation and we will outline some of them in this entry. Knowing what causes your skin to age will help you to seek out means of combating theses elements to maintain or regain your healthy, youthful skin tone.


Yes, your family’s genes are going to play a huge role in how gracefully you are able to age. Some people just age more slowly than others and the main reason why is in their DNA. It helps to know your family history when it comes to aging, but knowing the health history can actually be just as beneficial. Knowing what you are susceptible to and sensitive to will allow you to avoid or minimize your exposure to such things, which will promote better overall health including your skin.

Sun exposure can accelerate aging. Making sure to keep limit your exposure to direct sunlight will aide your skins preservation. Cigarettes are one of the major villains of the skin care world as they age your entire body in an accelerated fashion, which can make you look much older than you actually are. What you eat is also going to factor into the condition of your skin majorly. Eating plenty of greens and fruit while avoiding oily, greasy, fatty, and unhealthy foods will help yor skin tremendously. Some people are extremely sensitive to dairy and chocolate, which can cause them to break out in acne.

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