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Aging happens to us all and the main culprit of showing your aging physically are deficiencies in hormones. When your hormone levels get out of balance you will see skin sagging, wrinkling, suffering from acne as well as seeing pore sizes increase. These are all tell tale signs that you are not only aging, you are also in need of balancing out your body’s hormone levels in a major way. Our modern lifestyle ages us at an unnatural pace as many of us do not get enough sleep or proper nourishment and exercise.


Progesterone is one of the earliest hormones to show a deficiency as you age. The reason this hormone is important when it comes to showing signs of aging is because it is responsible for keeping the skins circulation adequate. Signs of a deficiency of progesterone are acne and puffiness of the skin.


Estrogen helps maintain proper moisture levels for your skin. This process helps minimize the size of pores. Wrinkling begins to occur as estrogen levels begin to dwindle and deplete.  Wrinkling is one of the most feared and obvious signs of aging, but it is possible to slow down or even avoid by achieving an optimal hormone balance.


Testosterone helps skin maintain its elasticity which keeps skin from sagging. As testosterone levels fall, so will your skin. Gravity is always pulling on us, trying to bring every fiber of our beings closer to the ground. It’s not easy to defy forces of nature as the best we can usually hope for is slowing them down. Hormonal balance is our best weapon against the forces of time and gravity that we have available to readily wield.

We all want to stay young and understanding the roles our hormones play in the aging process and how to balance them will go a long way in keeping you feeling and looking youthful.

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