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One of the most overlooked ways to bring skin back to a healthy and vibrant state is one of the most effective and it doesn’t require a product or service. Exercising can do more for you than just keep your body tight and your cardio level up, it balances out the chemical levels of your body and brings it them closer to the optimum levels your body was designed to operate with.  Exercise is truly amazing for you in all ways. Here are some of the benefits for your skin from regular exercise.

Wrinkle Reduction: The stress hormone, cortisisol, is greatly reduced by regular exercise. Cortisol increases oil levels in your skin to the point your pores can become clogged which will cause acne. Elevated levels of cortisol can also cause a breakdown of your skins collagen. Exercise promotes increased collagen levels which will combat wrinkles and skin that is sagging. Depending on the extent of wrinkles on your skin, you could take decades off of your appearance and who wouldn’t want that!!! We all desire youth and wrinkle reduction is one component of our ‘fountain of youth.’

Blood Flow Increases that Healthy Glow: Bringing your heart rate up will increase the blood flow throughout your body and the freshly oxygenated blood will have a sort of brightening effect on your skin. The more you exercise the more the effect will carry over between workouts. You don’t just need beauty sleep, you need to do some beauty sets and reps!!! Speaking of sleep, regular exercise promotes better sleep which can help you burn more calories while you are sleeping and will also give your body time to regenerate what it needs for it’s systems, including your skin.

Acne Reduction: Sweating regularly will flush out your pores removing the buildup that has proven to be the most notorious culprit in regard to causing acne. Exercise can also balance out your hormones where an imbalance may be the cause of your breakouts, especially in adults who are past puberty. For people who are more prone to acne, keep wipes on hand, preferably unscented and placed in your gym bag, in order to wipe sweat from your face, clearing your skin of the oil etc that has been flushed from your pores. This is particularly important when you are just starting out when you will be most out of balance. This area goes hand in hand with diet as much of the oil that travels through your pores is generated by the food eaten consistently. Exercise and diet are keys to regaining as much of your youth as possible.

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