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Vein Treatments

Sclerotherapy (Leg Vein Removal)

Do you disdain spider veins? Let Pearl MedSpa banish them from your vocabulary- and your legs- with our sclerotherapy treatment plan.

Pearl MedSpa is setting the standard for this procedure, using a state of the art saline solution, unique to the Portland area, that greatly reduces discomfort and offers enhanced results!

Our nurse practitioner has over 10 years of experience, using her expertise to administer the treatment with the least amount of discomfort. This procedure employs saline to collapse the veins so they can be safely reabsorbed into the body.

A few simple injections can free you from unsightly spider veins that could have been causes by heredity, pregnancy, hormonal shifts, weight gain, the use of select medications, or prolonged sitting or standing activities. Whatever the cause in your case, Pearl MedSpa can treat these thin veins that lie close to the top layer of skin, and may appear on your thighs, calves, ankles, or inner knees. See optimal results after a few sessions!

Pearl MedSpa considers each individual case before determining the best course of treatment, whether it’s electrosurgery, lasers or pulsed light therapy, to eliminate unwanted spider leg veins. Schedule a private consultation in our office to discuss your treatment plan.

Facial Vein Treatments

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