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Laser Facial Hair Removal

Laser Facial Hair Removal Scottsdale AZSay Goodbye To Your Facial Hair

When it comes to body hair, it’s usually covered up by clothing.  Laser Facial Hair Removal in Scottsdale helps with the hair you can’t hide. Whether it’s on your chin, upper lip or sideburns unwanted facial hair can undermine your self-confidence. You can get rid of that hair with laser facial hair removal from Pearl MedSpa in Scottsdale.

Laser Facial Hair Removal For Both Men and Women

Putting your face through harsh hair removal treatments can cause significant irritation to your face. With the skin on our faces being some of the most sensitive skin we have, it’s a big deal having that irritation.  It can be very distracting and undermine our confidence as much as the unwanted hair. This is a problem that both men and women face.

Laser facial hair removal treatments offer a safe, effective, and permanent method for removing this hair.  Laser hair removal targets the root of the hair follicle and destroys it by concentrating on the hair pigment. The sessions are short and there is little downtime in getting a treatment of laser facial hair removal, so you can get right back on with your day.

Laser Facial Hair Removal Is The Solution

Pearl MedSpa’s advanced treatments are very discrete in that they don’t require you to grow unwanted hairs out to be treated.  This means that patients can get treated when they want, without having to have those unsightly hairs ever seen. Best of all Pearl MedSpa’s lasers don’t just destroy the hair at skin level, they go below the skin too.  This means that all of the hair is gone and there’s no chance of a 5 o’clock shadow.  Treatments take less than a half hour and with zero recovery or downtime you’re right back to work, or on with your day.  Many patients worry that the stubborn dark hairs will be difficult to treat.  That couldn’t be further from the truth, the more dark pigment the hairs have the more effective the treatments are.  It’s actually the lighter variety of hairs that end up being somewhat resistant to our laser facial hair removal treatments.

Who Do I Get My Laser Facial Hair Removal Treatments From?

All treatments are considered medical procedures and are therefore only conducted by highly trained medical professionals.  These professionals operate under a medical doctor and their competency is overseen by the doctor on an ongoing basis to ensure total competency.

Are Laser Facial Hair Treatments Effective On Darker Skin Colors?

There are two different laser facial hair removal lasers.  One for your darker skin, and one for lighter skin colors.  Longer wavelengths with the darker skin laser is what helps the laser accurately pinpoint the hair follicle and leave you with hair free, smooth skin.

Laser Facial Hair Removal for Men

A lot of men don’t mind shaving their faces, but many men don’t enjoy the irritation of shaving the more sensitive facial areas.  Places like the neckline and back of the neck can easily become irritated by either the razor or the shave cream.  Some men also choose to remove the entire beard area, so they they never have to wake up and shave again.  But always have that clean and smooth look that many business environments demand.

Many men love receiving a laser facial hair treatment to avoid painful and unsightly ingrown hairs. They also enjoy not having to ensure the itchy feeling of the stubble growing back in each day and having to shave every morning.

Laser Facial Hair Removal for Women

Fuzz or dark hairs happen to women, and even if your family or friends have the same problem it rarely makes you feel any less self conscious about it.  Knowing that dark hairs are on your chin, neck, or upper lip can be embarrassing and a major source of insecurity.  That insecurity can interfere with normal activities and make it so women don’t want to let people get close enough where they might see the hairs.  Pearl MedSpa offers a simple, and timely way to remove these hairs discretely.  This will give you that perfect smoothness on your face and the confidence to boldly be who you are.

Imagine never having to drag a razor across your skin and endure that burn and irritation.  If you’re ready for permanently smooth skin and want to toss those razors in the trash give Pearl MedSpa in Scottdale a call today!

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