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Portland Reflexology

Pearl MedSpa in Portland specializes in reflexology, a practice that does promote whole body wellness by massaging the feet and hands. Our goal for each session is to be able to provide a sense of well-being and deep relaxation. Most of our techniques will provide you with short-term pain relief but after a few sessions the type of chronic pain that you have may begin to decrease in the long-term as well.

We believe that all people are able to achieve wellness and health, and with that being known, our services can be a part of that journey. We carry out our session in a warm and tranquil environment where you are able to relax and think about your well-being. Our caring and experienced therapists will be able to teach you how to release your tension and begin to really trust and your body better.

Various parts of the body have reflex areas such as the feet, hands and ears that correspond to all other parts, glands and organs in the body. When pressure is applied on these reflexes, with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion, it can relieve tension and pain, improve circulation and help promote the natural bodily functions of the specific areas.

The Art of Reflexology

Reflexology happens to be an ancient Chinese practice that is known as Reflex Zone Therapy, which connects the body system by appling pressure to certain points on the head, feet and hands. It is meant to bring your body into a state of well-being and balance. Reflexology also allows the body to release toxins and begin to heal itself, which improves general health and the immune system.

Reflexology can help reduce pain, improve blood flow, reduce toxins in the body, encourage relaxation, help with the reduction of stress, and aid in post-surgery recovery. Due to the fact that the hands and feet help to set the tension level for the rest of the body, they are a great way to interrupt stress signals and reset the body’s equilibrium known as homeostasis.

Reflexology isn’t restricted to one area of treatment. The benefits of reflexology can help with a very wide variety of disorders. Some of the areas reflexology helps with include boosting circulation, stimulates nerve function, increases energy, helps clean up urinary tract conditions, prevents migraines, helps defeat insomnia and other sleep conditions, reduces healing time from injury or surgery, helps treat depression, and helps reduce pain. In fact reflexology can also be used for the reduction of pain associated with pregnancy, both during pregnancy and after the baby is born.

They say you need to stand for something, and most of us end up standing a lot during our daily tasks. Whether we work in factories, offices, construction, sales, hospitals or anything in between our feet take a beating every day. The stress weight we put our feet through take a toll after time. Stress in our feet can manifest itself in other areas of the body. Pain the feet is similar to back pain as it radiates and affects other parts of the body. When our backs hurt we generally get a massage or run off to the chiropractor. While a massage does feel great reflexology is more than a foot massage. While much of a reflexology treatment is applied to the feet, it does include massage and treatment of the hands and ears. This differentiates reflexology in that it focuses on the extremities, rather than the body itself.

Benefits of Reflexology

A long list of disorders can be treated with reflexology. Apart from simply feeling more relaxed and being at ease reflexology can help with disorders that interrupt and distract us from our jobs and enjoying life to its fullest.

Reflexology For Improved Circulation

One of the keys to a healthy body is circulation. Our blood carries the oxygen our bodies and muscles need to perform. The better our blood flows through our bodies, the better our organs can function. Improved circulation is probably the most documented function of reflexology. When are circulation is functioning efficiently our bodies heal faster and have better metabolism.

Reflexology For Nerve Function

As we age our nerve endings age with us. This means they are less sensitive in general, and especially in our extremities. Reflexology simulates over 7,000 nerve endings in just one session. This increases the nerve endings reactivity and functionality. Clearing out these pathways helps improve function and flexibility all around the body. Much like a work out for our muscles stimulating nerve endings with reflexology strengthens them and makes the body work better.

Reflexology For Improved Energy

Reflexology can help our various muscle and organ systems work in greater harmony. This can create more energy and better metabolism. Patients that have that perpetual feeling of sluggishness or exhaustion can benefit from the improved harmony that reflexology can provide.

Reflexology For Relaxation

Life has its up and downs, and stress is a byproduct. Reflexology helps clients relax more fully. This is done because the body is in greater harmony and under less strain. Improved circulation and nerve function helps the body work as it should. When these systems are out of harmony it causes our bodies to have to work harder to just keep us alive. Reflexology puts our bodies into their best state of harmony.

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