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Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Portland – Ultherapy®

Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Portland – Ultherapy®

Time keeps on marching and our skin naturally tends to loosen and sag. Tightening the skin back up gives us a longer lease on the youthful look that just about everyone wants. Not everyone wants to go under the knife, due to heal time and potential complications from other health conditions. Non-sugrical skin tightening available with Ultherapy® is Portland resident’s way to get that youthful look without having to undergo traditional plastic surgery.

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Full Face Skin Tightening

Neck Skin Tightening

Chest Skin Tightening

What exactly is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy technology allows it to be the non-invasive, safe ultrasound treatment that counteracts the effect of gravity and time on the skin. It uses your own regenerative response within your body to gradually and gently lift the skin on the neck, under the chin, on the eyebrow and smooth wrinkles and fine lines on the décolletage.

What is so unique about Ultherapy?

Believe it or not, Ultherapy is the one non-invasive treatment that has been approved by the FDA to actually lift skin. It is the only procedure that uses ultrasound imaging, which allows a practitioner to see the layers of tissue that is being targeted during treatment which ensures that the energy is deposited to where it will be the most beneficial.

Since the addition of the new Ultherapy Decolletage Treatment, it is now the only non-invasive procedure that has been indicated by the FDA to improve fine lines and wrinkles on your chest.

Can Ultherapy actually replace a face lift?

Ultherapy treats the deep foundational layer that is addressed in most cosmetic surgeries, but it will not be able to duplicate the results of a face lift. It is a good alternative, especially for those who are looking to extend the effects of cosmetic surgery or those who are not ready for surgery.

How is Ultherapy different from a laser treatment?

Ultherapy uses sound energy from ultrasounds which has more unique properties that will allow it to go past the skins surface to treat the depths that are not matched by other types of non-invasive cosmetic devices. Ultherapy ultrasounds stimulate the production of collagen in the foundation of the skin, which results in a significant lift of tissue within 2 to 3 months.

Lasers rely on energy from light, which is unable to reach the deeper skin layers at an optimal temperature, so laser treatments that only treat superficial skin and are not FDA approved to lift skin.

Since the two types of technologies will often treat different types of skin issues, they are actually compatible.

How does Ultherapy help to stimulate collagen creation?

Ultherapy will deposit focused ultrasound energy that goes deep beneath your skin at the right temperature for the regeneration of collagen. The treatment then jump-starts a natural process call neocollagenesis to help produce new collagen. Ultherapy does not use creams, toxins, or fillers. It simply relies on your own collagen building process for noticeable, natural results.

How long does the Ultherapy treatment take?

The length of treatment actually depends on the area that is being treated and your treatment plan. A neck and face procedure can take around an hour to 90 minutes, while a chest treatment takes only 30 minutes.

Will I need to take time off of work?

When it comes to Ultherapy, there isn’t any type of downtime. After your procedure you are able to go back to your daily life immediately, without there being any type of special post-treatment things to do.

What does Ultherapy treatment feel like?

Once the ultrasound energy is delivered, you will begin to feel small amounts of energy being placed to a precise depths of your skin, which indicated that the collagen building process has begun. The comfort levels may vary, depending on the person but the sensation will only last while the ultrasound energy is being delivered.

When will I begin to see results and how long will they last?

After your Ultherapy treatment, you may see an initial effect, but the ultimate results normally take 2 to 3 months, as your body regenerates the collagen. Since the procedure actually stimulates collagen production, it will depend on your body just how long the results last. The treatment helps to produce new collagen on the inside, but your natural aging process will dictate on how long that it will let you have visible outside results.

How many Ultherapy treatments do I need for real results?

Most patients will only need to have one treatment. Although, it is based on the degree of skin laxity that you have, the biological response to ultrasound energy and your collagen building process, some patients may benefit from additional treatments. As the skin continues to age, future touch up treatments may help to keep up pace with the natural aging process.

Are there side effects to the treatment?

At first, the skin may appear flushed, but within a few hours the redness should disappear. There have been some patients that have experienced some slight swelling, tenderness, or tingling, but these are only temporary. Other less common post-procedure effects are numbness or bruising on small areas of the skin. Just like with any other types of medical procedures, there is always the possibility of other rare side effects, which your practitioner will speak to you about.

Is Ultherapy considered safe?

The Ultherapy procedure was cleared by the FDA and has been used safely in over 250,000 treatments all over the world. Ultrasound energy has been used safely in the medical field for over 50 years. Pearl MedSpa’s practitioners must complete detailed medical training to perform Ultherapy treatments and all procedures are done under the direction of our Medical Doctor.

Who would be a good candidate for Ultherapy?

A good candidate has moderate to mild skin laxity where the skin begins to feel and look less firm. Examples of this are loose skin on the neck, lines or wrinkles on the chest, lowered eyebrow line, and sagging under the chin. But, the best way to find out if you would be a great candidate for Ultherapy is to consult a Ultherapy provider.

How much does the procedure cost?

The cost varies depending on the individual. Some areas treated with Ultherapy take more time. The severity of the affected areas also influences the cost to get treatment. The best way to find out how much your skin tightening treatment will cost is to come in for a consultation. Give us a call at 503.946.3888 if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule your treatment.

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Full Face Treatments

Before and Afer Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Portland OR
Chin Tighening  Portland OR
Mens Non-Surgical Chin Tightening  Portland OR
Chin Tightening  Portland OR Ultherapy


Neck Skin Tightening

Neck Skin Tightening
Non-Surgical Neck Skin Tightening  Portland OR
Ultherapy Neck Treatment  Portland OR
Non-Surgical Neck Skin Treatment  Portland OR



Chest Skin Tightening

Non-Surgical Chest Skin Tightening
Chest Skin Tightening Portland OR
Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Portland OR
Chest Tightening Portland OR