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Thermage® is like a fountain of youth! This simple treatment can yield smoother, tighter skin, redefined contours along the jaw line and under chin, and the softening of wrinkles and fine lines adorning the mouth, eyes, and forehead. You have to see the before and after pictures to believe it! With time, collagen in the skin naturally begins to break down, leading to the wrinkles and sagging skin that gives our age away! Thermage® uses patented radiofrequency technology to stimulate the existing collagen in your skin while promoting new collagen growth by safely heating the deeper layers skin beneath the surface. The result is younger, more youthful skin!

Try the Thermage® Face procedure to turn back the clock and regain your appearance from years ago, the Thermage® Eye procedure to target the area around the eyes and eyelids, giving the appearance of a face lift without an invasive procedure, or the Thermage® Lip procedure for attaining smoother, more defined lips and for tightening the skin around your mouth.

Depending on the individual, positive results in the skin will continue to develop for up to six months following a single treatment, and may last for years depending on individual’s skin condition.

Unlike a laser treatment, there is no need to avoid the sun after the procedure and it works on all skin types and colors. There is also little to no downtime, so you can get back to your routine to show off the new, youthful looking you!

As the largest Thermage provider in Oregon, you can expect the best results possible.