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Natural Tattoo Removal

Natural Tattoo Removal Scottsdale, AZ – A+ Ocean 

All Natural

A+Ocean uses the finest sea salt available. It is than further refined to make it the purest product on the market.

Carcinogen Free

A+ Ocean does not contain and carcinogens, making it safer than many other saline tattoo removal products.

A+ OCEAN is also a great Makeup Removal Solution…

A+Ocean is safe for use on the face and around the eyes and can be used for cosmetic tattoo removal.

A+ Ocean Works

Plain and simple, results matter and A+ Ocean works! There are tons of reviews online that say this product does what it promises.

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Frequently Asked Tattoo Removal Questions


Are there any methods of tattoo removal that can get the tattoo or pigment out in one session or with no scars?

No tattoo or permanent makeup removal process can get the pigment out in one shot other than getting plastic surgery to have the surgeon cut the tissue out. But even then you will still have scars from the surgery.

Can I perform this conventional and cosmetic tattoo lightening and removal at home?

No, only insured and licensed conventional/cosmetic artists, nurses, doctors and others that have been properly trained.

How fast does it work?

Each type of tattoo removal or lightening process is dependent of the depth of the tattoo ink that was inserted into the tissue and also the depth of your pigment.

Does A+ Ocean permanently damage your skin or remove natural skin color?

A+Ocean does not permanently damage the skin like chemical or laser tattoo removal and A+Ocean can remove any ink color, unlike laser treatments.

Reasons for Tattoo Removal

Generally the reasons people get tattoos are in one of three main categories.  They wanted to be unique, they wanted to be independent, or they wanted to memorialize someone or something in their life.  Well, the only constant in life is change and we at Pearl Med Spa want to help you make the changes you might want in a natural and non carcinogenic way.

  • Not Career or industry friendly – In the past decade or so, tattoos have become more mainstream.  Some studies show that numbers of people having tattoos are getting up to as much as 1 in 4 people.  That being said there are still employers and organizations that still hold tightly to a certain image and aren’t accepting of tattoos.  The US Armed Forces has even tightened up their policies on tattoos.
  • Tattoo linked to someone that falls from grace – When that star crossed fling that you had with good old so and so didn’t work out so well, or your celebrity hero falls from grace and their name or mark is proudly featured on your skin it can be a constant reminder of things we’d rather forget.
  • Teenage rebellion best left in the past – You may have gotten one to prove your independence against your parents or society in general and maybe that fight is long over and you’ve been living on your own for years and don’t need to “show them” anymore.
  • Poor quality – Not every tattoo artist is equal, and even good tattoo artists have bad days.  If the lines aren’t clean or the color isn’t right it can be frustrating.  If it’s simply something you want gone, or you want the space back to start over with a better tattoo, this is a popular reason.
  • Misspellings – Yes, this happens.  And if it’s on your back or somewhere you can’t see while it’s being done you don’t know until people are potentially laughing.
  • Tattoo’s meaning isn’t what you thought it was or it’s constantly misunderstood – Not every red blooded American tattoo artist is fluent in Japanese and that symbol you got that should read Strength ends up reading something you’d rather not advertise, it’s time to get that ink out.

Safe and Unsafe Methods for Tattoo Removal

Natural Solution vs. TriChloro Acetic Acid (TCA)

The Safest Natural Tattoo Removal Solution – A+ Ocean takes the finest sea salt in the world and refines it through a filtering process that ensure that it is as pure as humanly possible.  Being derived from natural elements and other carefully selected elements you will find no ingredients that have FDA warnings.  This process works by creating a natural scab, which then during the skins healing process lightens or removes the pigment.  This process and product is only available from License Professionals, to ensure the best possible effect and controlled environment for your safety.

TriChloro Acetic Acid – When it comes to the non laser tattoo removal options you have you have to be careful what you put on your skin.  Many tattoo removal creams can be dangerous for you and carcinogenetic. The marketing hype is loud and they definitely get their product off the shelves.  But with the potential for harm, just make sure that you are careful what comes off their shelf and onto your skin.  TCA and even Hydroquinone are common types of dangerous and carcinogenic tattoo removal creams.  These are not just dangerous for the skin, but they can soak into your body and actually harm internal organs.  Even the fumes while using these creams can irritate lungs.  Even at lower concentrations, for example 5%, these chemicals are not safe.  However to be effective the concentrations can be as high as 50%.  With all the different chemicals we avoid when we are buying food and even storing it now with having to be careful with BPA’s it’s critical that we don’t use products that contain harsh and dangerous chemicals.

A+ Ocean natural tattoo and cosmetic tattoo removal solution is for Trained Professionals only. Use of this product by unlicensed and untrained professional is not authorized by A+Ocean or Pearl MedSpa. Contact our office or give us a call @ 480.409.2717 if you have any additional questions or would like to schedule your tattoo or cosmetic tattoo removal appointment.