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B12 & Fat Burner Shots

B12 Injections Scottsdale AZ

While B12 is an element of the larger vitamin B complex it is regularly focused on as an essential vitamin. It has been proven that it is tied to good health and energy. Because of this there are an increasing number of people that are supplementing their diets with B12 injections. Before any of us run off and get shots, so what benefits do B12 injections offer?

The Basics of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is naturally found in things that many of us already include in our diets. It is found in the eggs, meat, and dairy that we eat each day. Vegetarians and vegans clearly don’t include these foods and are a greater risk of having a B12 deficiency.

B12 is a plays a fundamental role in providing energy for the brain to operate smoothly, and is part of the production of red blood cells. This makes Vitamin B12 part of ensuring that the nervous system and circulatory system work the way they should. Deficiencies of B12 can manifest themselves as various symptoms. These symptoms can include a feeling of light-headedness, fatigue, poor recall and memory problems, and even diarrhea or constipation.

The Benefits Of Vitamin B12 Injections

While there exists a lot of different benefits to having B12 injections there are some key uses that people seek these energy boosting shots for. We have listed 5 of the most common uses for B12 injections.

  • Boost The Immune System – Increasing the level of B12 in your body helps support the immune system by strengthening the whole body’s overall functioning. When the body has a good supply of red blood cells and is working as it should there is enough energy to fight off infections.
  • Improved Energy, Mood, And Focus – Because B12 is part of the energy source for the brain a good supply of it means that your cognitive functions can run unhindered. This means that you will have less mental fatigue, which improves our moods and helps us focus better.
  • Better Sleep – Insomnia is a serious condition that ruins countless nights of sleep for people around the world. Vitamin B12 has been found to have a positive effect on the circadian rhythm. This means that you will feel tired when it is time for bed, and get better sleep.
  • Weight Loss Assistance – While the simple addition of B12 will not burn off the pounds while people sit on the couch, the addition of B12 to proper diet and exercise can help accelerate weight loss. Lipotropic shots that contain B12 help metabolize fat. This means that the body will be able to burn the fat instead of simply burning the sugars we consume.
  • Helps Prevent Heart Disease – Homocysteine levels have been found as a independent risk for heart disease. It is related to a deficiency of the vitamins B12 and B6. B12 injections help keep these levels low and help prevent heart disease.

Who Benefits The Most From B12 Injections?

While everyone should have proper diet and nutrition there are sections of the population that have a greater need to monitor their B12 levels. These categories of the population include:

B12 Injections for The Elderly

As we age it is natural for our bodies to lose the ability to pull nutrients out of the foods we eat. Digestion isn’t as efficient and we face suffering from poor nutrition, even with properly balanced diets. Some patients even develop atrophic gastritis which can amplify the inability to absorb the nutrients from their foods.

B12 Injections For Vegetarians and Vegans

B12 is in the dairy, meat, and eggs that a lot of people eat. When people choose to eliminate these foods from their diet they eliminate the natural sources of vitamin B12. Vegans and vegetarians need to replace the nutrients by other means, B12 injections are an efficient and effective way to replace the nutrients lost from abstaining from meat, eggs, and dairy.

B12 Injections For Chronic Diseases

People with certain long term disease like muscular degeneration, diabetes, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and osteoporosis tend to do better with a healthy level of B12 in their diet, or including injections to help keep these levels where they should be.

B12 Injections For Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease and disease like it prevent the body from absorbing the nutrients they need from the foods they eat. Even with a well balanced diet they will not be able to absorb enough nutrients for their bodies to work as they should. People who have celiac disease or regularly take acid reducing drugs might consider having B12 injections to compensate for their diminished ability to absorb B12 from their foods naturally.

B12 Injections Are More Effective

There are a few different ways people can increase their B12 levels. They can eat more dairy, eggs, and meat. But that isn’t effective if they can’t absorb the nutrients or object to eating these foods. There are  use patches that transfer B12 through the skin, yet these patches are limited by how much B12 can be naturally absorbed by the skin and transferred into the blood stream. There are B12 pills that can add B12 to the body, but they also rely on the body’s ability to extract nutrients.

B12 Injections offer the highest concentration and most accurate delivery of B12.

 B12 Injections Scottsdale Arizona

if you could benefit from B12 injections and live in Scottsdale or the surrounding Phoenix valley Pearl MedSpa can help. We offer a wide range of health promoting services. Scheduling your B12 injection appointment is as simple as picking up the phone or stopping by. If you’d like to call to make your appointment we can be reached at 480.409.2717.