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IPL LimeLight Photofacial Scottsdale, AZ – Pearl Med Spa 

Looking for an easy way to get rid of a red complexion, fine wrinkles, irregular pigmentation and large pores, without any downtime? This is an exciting anti-aging treatment that produces even-toned skin and a youthful, dewy look. Erase skin damage, rosacea, liver spots, veins, and fine lines with a Pulse Light technology. No lasers, no pain, and no waiting to see results. Enjoy the immediate benefits of a Photofacial in the expert care of Pearl MedSpa.

Skin treatment for tiny veins, skin redness, sun damage and brown spots 


What is an IPL LimeLight Photofacial?

The LimeLight Photofacial is a non-invasive treatment for vascular lesions and benign pigmented skin using Cutera’s LimeLight. This procedure can improve skin tone and skin imperfections associated with photodamage and aging.

What areas of the face can be treated?

LimeLight Facials work for any part of the neck, face and décolleté (neck, shoulders, back and chest) that have tiny veins, brown spots or skin redness. Hard to remove light brown spots respond very well to this treatment.

What is involved in the treatment?

Depending on the program you select, your practitioner will customize your facial to your particlur skin type and treat the red or brown pigmented areas of your skin. The therapeutic effect is caused by the heating of the pigmented red or brown cells.

Are the treatments painful?

Patients may experience a mild stinging or pinching sensation. A cooling gel is used before vascular treatments. Pain medication or anesthesia is not typically required.

How long do the facial treatments take?

Treatment times usually take an hour or less depending on the area of the body being treated.

How many treatments do I need?

Patients usually only need 1-3 treatments to see results. However, if you skin is excessively sun damaged, additional treatments may be needed.

Are there any after effects of the treatment?

Soon after the treatment takes place, your skin will appear slightly red and your brown spots will start to darken. Also, the treated area is likely to be mildly swolen. These symptoms usually pass after a few hour up to 1 day. Makeup can still be applied to cover the redness.

How long does it take to see results?

Dark spots typically tend to fade and flake off after about 1-3 weeks or so. Redness will decrease and your complexion will improve.

Will the redness or brown spots come back?

New redness or brown spots will only appear with new sun damage. Although, they can be treated as well. Always use sunscreen when outdoors to minimize new spots or redness and also to protect your skin from more sun damage. This treatment does not cure Rosacea but can improve its appearance.

If you are interested in this treatment or want to know more information, please give us a call or visit our contact page to fill out our form.