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Scottsdale Laser Body Hair Removal

Scottsdale Laser Body Hair Removal

It goes without saying that the primary clients for body hair removal are men. Women too can have a few stray hairs that can be treated for body hair removal but many men in laser body hair removal in Scottsdale. It can be frustrating and time consuming to constantly have to wax or shave their backs, abdomen or chests.

Many of these male clients get it done because they want to cancel the waxing appointments. Others are tired of clogged drains and razor burn. Even more of them just want to do it as a way to be groomed better and attractive for their wife or girlfriend. Pearl MedSpa’s expert practitioners can customize the areas that are treated for your Scottsdale body hair removal. This gives you the flexibility to only remove the sections you want.

Laser Back Hair Removal

The back is one of the areas on a man’s body that can be challenging to control. It’s not particularly easy to reach back there and shave your back, and it’s not fun asking our partners to jump in the shower and do it for us. So having a permanent solution like laser back hair removal can save time and frustration for the men that want that clean, smooth look.  A full back hair removal treatment generally can be done in about an hour and doesn’t leave you with any downtime. You can get back out the door and on with your business.

Laser Abdomen Hair Removal

It is very common for both women and men to have unwanted, or excessive abdominal hair. Removal of stomach hair is quick and easy. Pearl MedSpa in Scottsdale offers the solution to this unwanted abdominal hair that will leave you with the great looking, smooth stomach you desire. Hollywood has a dirty little secret when it comes to laser abdominal hair removal. It can be done in a very specific way to give the illusion of a six pack. However if you have earned yours with exercise and the gym you might want to be able to show it off.

Some women have a trail of hair on their lower abdomen leading from their navel to the top of the bikini line, which is referred to as a “happy trail”. A large portion of Pearl MedSpa’s patients choose to treat this area at the same time they are getting a Bikini Line hair removal treatment.

Laser Body Hair Removal Scottsdale

Laser Chest Hair Removal

There are a lot of men in Scottsdale that want to have their chest hair managed. Some prefer to completely remove the hair, while others like to just have the hair on their chest thinned out. Whichever way you want it, Pearl MeSpa in Scottsdale wants to help you customize your chest hair removal treatment. With less area to cover than your back treatments can be done in about a half hour. As much as men use this treatment is very common for women to have a few stray hairs in the chest area. Pearl MedSpa seeks to remove these hairs for women very discretely.

Who Performs Laser Body Hair Removal?

Under the supervision and training of a medical doctor a well-trained medical practitioner conducts our laser hair removal at Pearl Medpsa in Scottsdale. This is because laser hair removal is considered a medical procedure. Every nurse that performs laser hair removal is extensively trained and qualified before ever conducting a treatment on a patient.

Get Smooth Maintenance Free Smooth Skin At Pearl MedSpa

Take a second to imagine never having to worry about stray hairs or straining to reach those hard spots on your back. Never having to sit through those painful body hair waxing treatments. Getting rid of that unwanted body hair is just a call away. Take advantage of our Smooth Savings Plan that has complete hair removal or touch up any area on the body. Need laser hair removal in Scottsdale? Call today to schedule your appointment (480) 409-2717.