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Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Loss, Restoration & Regrowth Treatments Scottsdale, AZ

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before and after laser hair restoration

Pearl MedSpa provides Hair Restoration using FDA Approved Laser Therapy and proven lines of product therapy.

MEP-90 Laser

MEP-90 Cool Laser Treatment System

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The first FDA approved Medical Device for Hair Re-growth.

FDA Approved Treatment for Pattern Thinning (Androgenetic Alopecia)

This MEP-90 laser provides treatment for Male & Female pattern thinning also known as Androgenetic Alopecia. This treatment is by prescription only and is not offered by all hair loss clinics. Pearl MedSpa is one of the only MedSpa’s in Scottsdale to offer this type of laser hair re-growth treatments.

These non-surgical treatments are now available under a doctor’s supervision and by prescription only.

The FDA ran a study on the MEP-90 and here are the results from their clinical data.

How Soon Will I See Results?

  • At 10 weeks, 92% of patients had greater than 10% re-growth
  • At 18 weeks, 97% of patients had greater than 30% regrowth, with 57% of patients experiencing greater than 50% re-growth

Are You a Candidate for Hair Re-growth or Laser Hair Therapy?

At Pearl MedSpa, we specialize in many different types of hair loss prevention and restoration for men and women. Our revolutionary treatment programs involve non-surgical treatments, no drugs, no hair pieces and no side effects. With our multiple years of experience in treating hair loss for men and women, we know that the best results are seen when using a multi-therapeutic approach to hair loss treatments.

Contact us to get all your questions answered about your particular type of hair loss and to find out if our treatment programs are right for. It’s a no obligation hair loss consultation that is completely confidential and private.

If you are experiencing hair loss and would like to learn more about the treatment options available to you CLICK HERE to schedule your private hair loss consultation & evaluation today. Call us any time at 480.409.2717.



Regenesis Hair Enhancing System

Regenesis is a hair enhancing system for fine and thinning hair. It combines the benefits of plant extracts and cosmetic ingredients rich in vitamins, antioxidants, lipids, conditioning agents and proteins. These products help intensify the hair’s volume while creating a healthy scalp.

ReGenesis addresses thinning, brittleness and breakage to promote fuller bodied, thicker hair and a more well-balanced and nourished scalp environment.

Day-to-Day Care

The shampoo and conditioner are more than just a way to clean and condition the hair. This shampoo and conditioner combination is also a unique thickening and scalp therapy. They feature anti-oxidants and other cleansing ingredients to promote a healthier scalp with conditioning and strengthening ingredients to fortify hair. Use daily or as needed to cleanse and care for hair.

Core Volumizing Enhancers

Regenesis volumizing enhancers are products designed to enhance the beauty, strength and texture of your hair and feature proprietary BioPeptin Complex®. These volumizing products come in two distinct formats that are ideal for daily use with men and women.

Specialized Concerns

Scalp Masque and Detox Hair is ideal as a treatment to rejuvenate hair and scalp, also featuring Belarus Bioactive Silt to lift impurities. Spot Serum defends against breakage with Flax Protein, Loquat Leaf and Biotin to target problem areas like the hair part and hairline.

If you are interested in Regenesis hair enhancing system for fine and thinning hair, stop by our location, fill out our contact form or give us a call today at @ 480.409.2717.



HLCC®  Hair Loss Treatment Programs

HLCC®’s Approach To Multi-Therapeutic Treatment

This treatment is meant to be integrated into your daily routine. HLCC has worked to improve the simplicity and success of the process, using a variety of hair care products to offer the best options possible for your hair loss and your specific type of hair.

The goal of the program is to first stop the hair loss and then promoting healthy hair growth. HLCC programs combine, shampoo, vitamins for hair growth or re-growth, scalp hygiene and natural topical stimulators that include DHT inhibiting products to promote the best possible hair growth results.

If you are interested in learning more about HLCC® hair loss treatment programs, Contact our Spa or give us a call @ 480.409.2717.