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Facial Vein Treatments

Visible facial veins, typically found on the forehead, nose, cheeks, eyelids, neck, and upper chest, are actually dilated blood vessels. Dilation of blood vessels are the result of weakened elastic fibers in the walls of the blood vessel, and are often associated with excessive sun exposure, normal aging, liver disease, genetics, radiation therapy, and trauma. Since visible veins are most frequently the result of sun damage, regular use of sunscreen may be able to prevent their appearance. Visible veins often appear on women in their 40’s-50’s, and are most commonly seen on fair skinned women.

Pearl MedSpa considers each individual case before determining the best course of treatment, whether it’s electrosurgery, lasers or pulsed light therapy, to eliminate unwanted facial veins. Schedule a private consultation in our office to discuss your treatment plan.